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A new start.

Hi guys! Past week was pretty aweful as the flu kicked in, so I decided to take it easy and really focused on my workout routine. As a result of hours and hours of trimming my perfect plan to really punish my body and get that fat burning I developed a great plan which kicks in TODAY!

I contacted a PT at my gym and asked a little help to my nutrition problems. Not that I have them, but I’m interested to get a proper diet to fit my goals and couldn’t think anyone better than a soon-to-be a life coach. So today I’m off to buy a kitchen scale and I’m prepared to start prepping my meals and weighing everything. It’s a nice thing to try eating and working out like a pro, the idea is intriguing. We’ll see how it goes.

As for the workout schedule, I’ve been going out to the gym for two years now and also done CrossFit for a year, so I decided to shape it to be the best possible for me. Basically it follows a simple 3 divided gym routine, added two days of HIIT and Tabata, also for the three gym days I added a morning cardio workout for 45 min. I’ll be doing 3 sets of 10 reps for 3 weeks straight, then I’ll do a peak week with 5 x 5 sets and so on. ย The workouts I added are my favorite ones and also one workout for each muscle group that are out of my comfort zone, just to bring on the burn ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I did a nice 45 min cardio ride with my bike and the weather was great, everything seemed perfect until I came home and got this headache that’s bothering me still. So today I’m going to get my shoulders massaged and hopefully I’ll hit the gym tomorrow.



But here we go! More will follow.


Scheduling and hard work.

This June has been quite month for me. I’ve managed to get 4 workouts per week and now it feels like it’s time to add fifth workout to the schedule – but to do this wisely. My weeks have consisted of 2-3 CrossTraining workouts and rest days plus one additional longer cardio exercise. Now this week I’ll add something to the list.


Post-workout meal.

I’ve decided to do our CrossTraining teams scheduled push- and pull workout routines once a week, 2 x Tabata and adding one recovery exercise, most likely biking for 45-90 min to the week. I’ll do this routine for 3 weeks now and then I’ll take a week off. Well not ‘off’ but will take it easy, train my weight lifting techniques, stretch, take care of my muscles etc. I think that this 4 weeks hard work + 1 week recovering is a good tempo, we’ll see eventually.

This week I’ve been really pushing it, thriving to be better with every rep. It’s funny, because at the beginning of the year I found myself quite easily cheating on my reps, but not anymore. I keep hearing our head coaches voice in my head: “tight package! bum backwards! open you’re chest!”. This is great, because when you cheat, you risk injuring yourself.

Today I have the day off from work and like usually when I’d have the time to sleep in, I woke up at 5:20 am. Hit the gym at 7:00 am and did my TABATA routine there, was absolutely pumped afterwards. Now, I’m going to chill the rest of the day and tomorrow will bike for a nice stretch.

Take care guys!


T to the A to the B to the…

I guess some of you guessed that I’m going to talk a bit about TABATA. I did my first exercise today and it blew me away, totally.

TABATA sounded a little bit weird at first, but I’ll admit, all the presumptions are gone now to the trash and I’m loving this. The basic idea of this training is to amp up your muscle growth and endurance, boost your metabolism and fat burn. The best thing about this is that the workouts don’t take that long. But you’ll work your *ss off. Guaranteed.

Basically it goes like this: first you start with a warm-up, 2-5 min then you start doing cardio e.g. rowing machine, stationary bike for 4 minutes by doing intervals: 20 sec max and 10 sec recovery. So in total you’ll get 8 x 20 sec max and 8 x 10 sec recovery. You can choose to do 2-3 different moves/machines with the same interval, total work-out time being around 20 min.

For me, I started with the rowing- machine for 5 min and then moved to TABATA, rested 3 min and did TABATA on a skiing machine, then a 2 minute recovery just by walking. I was exhausted at first but the muscles started burning just as I hit the car and I felt the pump. Amazing! I don’t suggest you doing this every day but 2-3 times a week sounds good to me.

And also this is CRITICAL! If you have a heart condition or any other basic illness contact your medical physician before attempting TABATA. Your HR (heart rate) will blow through the roof doing this exercise, it’s very intense so be careful not to break yourself!

btw, I decided that next year I’m trying to get my self into shape to compete in a Triathlon, we’ll see what happens. All the tips for this are most welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care guys and work hard!