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The mental game.

I feel that going to the gym and living a healthy life is always a battle that’s been fought mostly inside our heads. At least that it is to me. The hardest thing is to commit to your goals and at the same time not to go overboard with them. The balance is important. My fiance told me yesterday that she isn’t going to watch me melt down and that I have to remember to “honor” the rest days. Truer words have seldon been spoken. Anyways, my point is that strong will combined with reason can take you anywhere you want to go, obsession usually doesn’t do you any good.

Today I felt pumped. I amped myself up yesterday figuring my routine and mentally challenging myself to endure the pain. I think that it’s important to go to the gym willing to give 100% every time. If you don’t feel up to it, my advice is to take the day off and go for a jog etc. Usually this can be your body telling you it needs more time to recover, but if this re-occurs more often and often, maybe consult a PT and think about your goals and motivation factors. 

I worked on my chest, abs and back today. I did 4 sets with 12 reps each, wanting to really feel the burn and fight over it. I had to lower my weights so that I wouldn’t risk my technique, but even with lower weights got the burn and later on the sweet reward of the pump. After my sets, I decided to hit the cross trainer and do some cardio for 30 min “mountain climb” style. Was really. really exhausted, sweat pouring down and feeling on top of the world. Really pleased with todays work.

Now I will enjoy the sun, relax and take a nice long with the dog. Tomorrow I’ll hit a little more “CrossFitier” workout, doing 15 reps deadlift + 500m row 3 sets + 2x tabata. Going to be awesome. I’ve intentionally added more and more cardio to my program, really wanting to burn the fat for 3 weeks now, then maybe some light bulking, we’ll see. Anyways life is good at the moment and feeling very, very pleased with myself for finding my path again.



The Supplement gang: Vitamins, Magnesium, Omega-3 and Whey-80 by StarNutrition (the best!). Also the best shaker around: SmartShake


Take it easy guys!


Weapons to fight fatigue and aid your health

Here’s a picture of what I have in my cupboard to help me with my project:Image

Fruits are a good way to fight off hunger and they give a great taste for your quark! Supplementing with protein powder and protein bars by Mass Nutrition. They’re a good quality products with (in my opinion) a reasonable price. A good way to recover after training or to take a pre-workout snack. Adding to the supplementation I have my omega 3- pills and also a multivitamin pill. Especially in the winter time the vitamins are important because the land of the thousand lakes (Finland) doesn’t get that much sun so it’s a good way to add vitamins to your diet. Of course vegetables and other ingredients are important as well.

Otherwise, I’m actually without fever today! So hopefully after resting this weekend I’ll be able to get back on the horse next week and really bring it! Been thinking of having a cardio-week so no weight-training, we’ll see.

Take care guys and feel free to comment!