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Taking it easy is not that easy

Today is my rest day. I’m not so good at it as I should be. Body is pretty much aching from yesterdays leg day, but the DOMS could be worse. I woke up around 7 am and did a nice walk with the dog, about 4,5km. It was way hotter than I anticipated and had way too much clothes on, well, I got my first sweat on for today. Now I’ve been reading different fitness blogs and figuring out my diet-methods as well, being quite pleased atm. 

I know resting is probably just as (if not even more) important than working out, but it sure sucks. But trying to take it easy today. Maybe a nice bike ride or something. With maximum heart rate. Uphill. Against the wind.

Take it easy guys!


Almost a week without…

…any kind of sports! and it has been very, very difficult! The good thing about this pause is that I’ve trimmed my routine to the max, selecting a very nice routine for the future. Anyways, it’s time to rest now and wait what’ll happen.

I’m going to see the doctor on Monday and probably will go through chest x-rays, bloodwork, etc. But we’ll see. It would be a good time to finally clarify what this is. Nevertheless,I’m feeling already a little better.

I’ve also been planning the future a bit. In the summer I want to go hiking again. In my honest opinion it is probably the best way to relax and calm your mind. Just being in the nature, admiring it’s beauty and feeling freedom… oh summer, be here already! Also I’m very excited about my cross training (CrossFit) to begin, eager to see if I’m up for the challenge!

Thanks to all who have been supporting me (especially one bunny in the skye comes to mind)! I’ll try to be worthy of your cheers and hit my goals!

Here’s a little song that I like, hope you’ll enjoy it too. A good example what two rivals can achieve together: 

Have a great weekend guys!


The road so far…

In mind comes a song by the Beatles: the long and winding road. The road has been quite challenging but also rewarding. I can feel the changes that have happened and they also show on the scale, which is awesome for a stubborn man like myself. The hardest part was learning to eat 5-6 times a day. But when you find your pace, you just kind of roll with it and it becomes as natural as breathing.

I don’t actually know what it was that made me change my way of life. Maybe I’ve subconsciously been dreaming about it, but never just taken the necessary steps. Or kept on walking long enough. The first thing that I decided was to stick to the game plan and not punish myself if I slipped or failed. This kind of a project lasts a life time (hopefully) and weight-loss is like a marathon, steady pace gives you great results. And you just have to believe in yourself and get motivated – every single day. It helps to have a supporting girlfriend (thank you Linda) and also a masochistic mind (the joke of the day).

At the moment, I’m feeling that my fever is running higher again and it’s time to take it easy. The other day we had this amazing weather, the sun has shown itself finally! And we enjoyed it!45466_10151489515148910_1144903948_n

Train hard guys and remember to rest! Don’t get overtrained!


The day off

Today I took the day off from training, a rest day if you may. Took though a hi-paced walk with the dog in the evening, but anyways – it’s been a great resting day and I feel in my body that I need it: chest, shoulders and biceps are aching a bit, but that’s just showing that I’ve trained right. The good kind of pain, if you may. The rest days are just as important as hard training, because I’ve learned that muscle tissue grows while it’s resting. Proper nutrition is important too, you need to get enough calories and nutrients during the day, but not over do it. Although these resting days are killing me, because I’m aching to train but never the less, I’m coping.

Tomorrow I’ll be working my back and abs with some crosstraining of course, will post the workout later on here as well.

Dieting has gone well for today, although I stole few candies from Linda. Better day at work as well, maybe I’m fit to be a psychiatric nurse after all, who knows? 

CrossFit has been on my mind the whole day, it seems very interesting and at the same time very frightening. The few videos and blogs that I’ve read indicate that it truly is a way of life – some might even call it as a religion. None the less, I’m eager to try out the workouts one day, maybe in the spring when I’ll have more time. At the moment, I’m pleased with my training regime. 

Now time to eat something and then some resting. Tomorrow I’m going to bring it to the max!