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My food philosophy.

My eating philosophy is quite easy, eat food not to get hungry and not to suffer fatigue. I’ve bee trying to eat 5-6 meals a day, that way my metabolism stays active. Yes – there’s a cheat day also. I try to avoid bread and potatoes. I love both, but they don’t agree with my stomach. I’m not counting calories all the time – although I must admit that it helped me quite a lot in the beginning, it’s good to now the ‘about’ values of your food. Also I try to eat more when I work out and less when having a rest day, figuring out your daily calorie intake is a good way – I for example, was eating too little too rarely.

I try to divide my energy take: 40% protein 30% fat and 30% carbohydrates.

Protein: my protein sources are quark and other dairy products , meats (chicken, beef, pork) and supplements (protein shakes and powders)

Fat: oil over butter, the rest from food in general and also I supplement with omega-3.

Carbohydrates: complex carbohydrates: full grain rice, pasta, also dark bread over white.

I’ve learned that it’s good to have cheat days also, it’s easier to focus on eating healthy when you’re not stressing too much over it. Cheating 5-10% at the time isn’t that bad. And if you fall off the wheel – you can start again tomorrow.

It’s good to gather information about cooking techniques and about different foods. E.g. I’ve cooked my first porridge when I was 6 years old, have learned a few things here and there, but always the key to success has been total failure, don’t worry – you’ll learn!

When you look your plate and if you start counting the colors and stop at one or two, you might think adding some vegetables: green and red peppers, salad, tomatoes, cucumber – what ever works for you. I like to support local ¬†and organic foods, but sometimes it’s a budget question for me. But as I’ve heard of this greatness in the United States – there’s a thing called farmers market. Go there and be surprised.

That’s about it folks. Please ask some questions and comment. Maybe a recipe or two?


Weapons to fight fatigue and aid your health

Here’s a picture of what I have in my cupboard to help me with my project:Image

Fruits are a good way to fight off hunger and they give a great taste for your quark! Supplementing with protein powder and protein bars by Mass Nutrition. They’re a good quality products with (in my opinion) a reasonable price. A good way to recover after training or to take a pre-workout snack. Adding to the supplementation I have my omega 3- pills and also a multivitamin pill. Especially in the winter time the vitamins are important because the land of the thousand lakes (Finland) doesn’t get that much sun so it’s a good way to add vitamins to your diet. Of course vegetables and other ingredients are important as well.

Otherwise, I’m actually without fever today! So hopefully after resting this weekend I’ll be able to get back on the horse next week and really bring it! Been thinking of having a cardio-week so no weight-training, we’ll see.

Take care guys and feel free to comment!