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A new start.

Hi guys! Past week was pretty aweful as the flu kicked in, so I decided to take it easy and really focused on my workout routine. As a result of hours and hours of trimming my perfect plan to really punish my body and get that fat burning I developed a great plan which kicks in TODAY!

I contacted a PT at my gym and asked a little help to my nutrition problems. Not that I have them, but I’m interested to get a proper diet to fit my goals and couldn’t think anyone better than a soon-to-be a life coach. So today I’m off to buy a kitchen scale and I’m prepared to start prepping my meals and weighing everything. It’s a nice thing to try eating and working out like a pro, the idea is intriguing. We’ll see how it goes.

As for the workout schedule, I’ve been going out to the gym for two years now and also done CrossFit for a year, so I decided to shape it to be the best possible for me. Basically it follows a simple 3 divided gym routine, added two days of HIIT and Tabata, also for the three gym days I added a morning cardio workout for 45 min. I’ll be doing 3 sets of 10 reps for 3 weeks straight, then I’ll do a peak week with 5 x 5 sets and so on.  The workouts I added are my favorite ones and also one workout for each muscle group that are out of my comfort zone, just to bring on the burn 🙂

Today I did a nice 45 min cardio ride with my bike and the weather was great, everything seemed perfect until I came home and got this headache that’s bothering me still. So today I’m going to get my shoulders massaged and hopefully I’ll hit the gym tomorrow.



But here we go! More will follow.


To HIIT or not to?

High Intensity Interval Training aka. HIIT has been on my mind today. I’ve read about this and all sorts of tips have been displayed all over the web. What is HIIT actually?

This is how I understood it. You save time, you intensify your training and you am up your fat loss. Sounds good? Sounds even too good? Maybe, but anyways I gotta try this one out! In HIIT training you’re doing cardio, whether you’re on the treadmill, elliptical, running cycling you name it, you’re doing these hi-tempo intervals with resting periods in between. You’re going to give all that you have in you, heart rate being at 95% of max. The ratio between the high intensity and the lower intensity level is 1:2, so e.g. if you’re training 1 min with full tempo, you’ll have a 2 min lower intensity right after you’ve finished. And you repeat this cycle 6-8 times per training and it is equivalent to an hour lower intensity training. You’ll be done in 30 min with 5 min warm up. Awesome.

What is the benefit? What I’ve read is that you burn more calories afterwards from the training, comparing HIIT to a normal interval training with heart rate being lower. But anyways, even though if it shouldn’t work – I think I’d still enjoy doing HIIT because it’s a good way to amp up your cardio workout and really push yourself to the limit. I’m sure after repeating the last cycle, you’re done and you might want to call a cab. Or an ambulance.

I know there has been a lot of chatter whether HIIT training is good or bad for you but I can think worse things that could go awry. One just has to remember to take it easy (pushing the limit, yes but over it…cautionary) and always remember to contact your medical doctor if you have a condition that prevents you from exercising or you’re unsure whether you should.

Anyways if you’re interested in HIIT training, check out this BodyBuilding.com article, I found it to be awesome. Also Google is your friend as well.

Remember to warm up before doing HIIT and stretch afterwards. Will do this routine soon, but tomorrow will post my leg-workout routine – stay tuned! (Always wanted to say that)