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Out from the shadows pt. II

Hey guys!

It has been really a long time since I’ve added anything here actually, blog has not been forgotten and I’m going to start writing again, mostly as a training diary and also posting my food tips etc. Back to business!

It has been quite a difficult year for me so far, but now things have been going better. I’ve struggled with my health and physique quite a bit: I had a broken toe which lead to other problems and even an operation was under consideration for a while, but with the help of doctors and fysiotherapists things are moving forward and hopefully my toe desn’t need surgery for another 20 years or so, but time will tell. Also I had problem with re-occuring sinuitis which prevented my workouts almost completely. It was hard to train when even in warmup my HR reached 190 and I didn’t get enough oxygen. Luckily that problem is over as well!

I’ve started training at a gym that’s little bit closer to me, CrossFit is still in mind as well as cardio training. The last three weeks have been great: I’ve managed to hit my WOD’s without any problems (DOMS doesn’t count anymore, it’s part of the game!). I’m hitting the gym 4 times a week: strength training on Monday (upper body) and Tuesday (legs), Wednesday is a restday/recovery day, Thursday and Friday I tend to do compund series with long series, e.g. 4 sets with 10-12 reps. Again upper and lower body seperately. I’ve added a little bit cardio for each day and Saturday is the HR MAX day, which means in my case running/biking with higher heart rate.

Dieting has been bit of an issue, but I’m fixing it slowly. I got Polar Loop for christmas and it has been a great helper counting the calories I need each day, but eating 3200kcal per day (basic consumption + training) has been quite hard, leaving my total calorie loss up to 2000kcal per day which is too much, I know. But slowly moving forward knowing what the problem is and I hope that my weight will soon start to sink again.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling good and looking forward to go on with my life change and hoping to hit my goal -20kg by the end of October. Time will tell but the fight is totally worth it!

Cheers guys!

ps. Look me up at Instagram: autio_j. Pics etc. will be found there!

ImagePic with no relevance: Kokkola – my hometown.



My food philosophy.

My eating philosophy is quite easy, eat food not to get hungry and not to suffer fatigue. I’ve bee trying to eat 5-6 meals a day, that way my metabolism stays active. Yes – there’s a cheat day also. I try to avoid bread and potatoes. I love both, but they don’t agree with my stomach. I’m not counting calories all the time – although I must admit that it helped me quite a lot in the beginning, it’s good to now the ‘about’ values of your food. Also I try to eat more when I work out and less when having a rest day, figuring out your daily calorie intake is a good way – I for example, was eating too little too rarely.

I try to divide my energy take: 40% protein 30% fat and 30% carbohydrates.

Protein: my protein sources are quark and other dairy products , meats (chicken, beef, pork) and supplements (protein shakes and powders)

Fat: oil over butter, the rest from food in general and also I supplement with omega-3.

Carbohydrates: complex carbohydrates: full grain rice, pasta, also dark bread over white.

I’ve learned that it’s good to have cheat days also, it’s easier to focus on eating healthy when you’re not stressing too much over it. Cheating 5-10% at the time isn’t that bad. And if you fall off the wheel – you can start again tomorrow.

It’s good to gather information about cooking techniques and about different foods. E.g. I’ve cooked my first porridge when I was 6 years old, have learned a few things here and there, but always the key to success has been total failure, don’t worry – you’ll learn!

When you look your plate and if you start counting the colors and stop at one or two, you might think adding some vegetables: green and red peppers, salad, tomatoes, cucumber – what ever works for you. I like to support local  and organic foods, but sometimes it’s a budget question for me. But as I’ve heard of this greatness in the United States – there’s a thing called farmers market. Go there and be surprised.

That’s about it folks. Please ask some questions and comment. Maybe a recipe or two?

About nutrition and supplementation.

I know that I’ve been blogging a lot lately, but I just feel that there’s so much to say! Like I wrote before I was going to write something about nutrition and supplementation also on my blog, so here’s a little something about my nutrition-philosophy.

Before actually keeping track what I was eating, I was a random eater: ate plenty with a long periods of time between meals. Also I had this “snack-habit”, serious case of the munchies came often etc. My diet hasn’t actually changed that much, well okay I’m not buying treats that often anymore and have added loads of veggies to my diet, but that’s about it. Also I’ve found a good schedule when to eat and what to eat.

Breakfast is usually porridge (oatmeal) for me with some low-fat berry soup, one or two slices of rye-bread with ham/cheese and little butter. This I usually eat after training, just before going to work at 8 am. Then around 10 am I eat a quark with fruits/berries/low-fat berry soup and an apple/banana with coffee. Around 12-1 pm I eat my lunch, which is usually a salad with tuna/chicken/shrimp/beef and cottage-cheese. 3-4 pm I try to eat a snack (hopefully I could say that I do this regularly, but every now and then anyways), 5-6 pm dinner which is usually a little bit “heavier” than lunch. Potatoes, meat, veggies – the works. Before I go to bed, I eat a little snack, usually quark or bread. And loads of water. Normally I drink between 2-3 liters per day, but that varies whether I’m having a workout or a cardio day.

Before I started this project, I ate way too many slices of bread and I know that it’s an easy way to fight off hunger but so is keeping your mealtimes close together and have fruits, berries or veggies every know and then. I’d say that 3-4 hours between meals is a good pace for me to have. That way I don’t feel hunger. Everyone has their own rhythm and it takes time to fill it. Easy way to get veggies is fill your plate 50% with salad 20% with potatoes, rice, pasta you name it and 30% with fish,chicken,beef etc. Works for me at least!Image

Before I started the project I didn’t believe in supplementation at all. I thought it was just another hoax for the man to get my money! But how wrong was I. First I was talked into trying a recovery powder. I had tried these before, but didn’t see the point. But know, I don’t want to workout without having a recovery drink. I think that I recover much faster after drinking my shake and feel up to a new work day almost immediately. Also it has loads of protein and fast-effecting carbs which amp you up. Also I’ve added a vitamin pill and some Omega3-pills to my diet, that way I make sure I get all the nutrients I need for my body to recover and grow after working out. I’m going to try out MassNutritions protein powder soon and will keep you posted!

The photo on top was my lunch for today. Spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers , boiled eggs and smoked salmon. Was pretty darn good!

PS. Tomorrow I’ll take my first steps toward CrossFit as I’m going to go and watch a technique class and maybe attend afterwards, who knows!

Keep working hard guys!