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Train you bastard!

Hey guys! It has been a while from my last post, sorry about that! It has been a bit hectic at times, but training has gone pretty good! Although I found myself cheating a bit when training biceps, but I will improve next week!

This week I trained only twice at the gym because it was a busy week. But the workouts were quite good, especially my personal best on the crosstrainer, two uprising intervals for 40min HR being 160-max, the feeling was amazing when I finished, really felt like I am improving.

Next week I will be doing longer concentration sets at the gym and I will add more cardio, been thinking of running 30-45min every morning (or at least 3-4 times) every week. Hopefully this will increase my air intake and endurance overall. Also it will amp up my weight loss, now it has been quite stable and I feel that I have gained lean muscle, because measurements have been going down, as weight has been stable.

I thought about motivation also this week. Getting good feedback from family and friends is nice, but they have seen nothing yet. Lets amp up and hit those goals!

Thanks for your support and please leave your comments, they are the best motivation!



March 26th training: Biceps, Triceps, Legs and Abs

I had somewhat a successful recovery from yesterdays training: chest, back and shoulders were a bit tender, but that’s the sweet and right kind of pain. I was pleased and pumped to hit the gym!

Today I did a smoothie for breakfast/pre-workout drink. I had fat-free milk, some quick-oats (dried berries included), quark and Mass Nutrition My Whey protein powder mixed together. I got to tell you, this was a good mix. Gave enough energy to feel pumped and didn’t know nothing about hunger until after the workout was over!

Anyways here is the workout:

Warm-up: 5 min elliptical trainer


Bicep curls 3 sets, 12, 10, 8 reps

Hammer curls 3 sets, 12, 15, 20 reps (weights going down as reps got higher)

Cable curls 3 sets, 12, 10, 8 reps


Triceps pushdown with rope 3 sets, 15, 12, 10 reps

Triceps pushdown (reverse grip) 3 sets 12, 10, 8 reps

Dip-machine 3 sets, 12, 15, 20 reps (weights down, reps up)


Leg extensions 3 sets 12, 10, 8 reps

Leg curls 3 sets 12, 10, 8 reps

Seated calve raise 3 sets, 12, 10, 8 reps

Standing calve raise 3 sets 12, 10, 8 reps

Hack squats (at the moment, personal favorite!) 3 sets, 12, 10, 10 reps


Crunches with extra weight 100 reps.


Interval training with elliptical trainer 20min

Stretching 10-20min

Had a really nice feeling about this workout and also about this new program. Using the compound workouts I can get more out of my workout and do feel, that this 2-divided 4-times a week training rhythm suits me as well as training in the morning AFTER breakfast.

Even though my left hamstring is under ice at the moment, I feel I did quite nicely and I’m hoping that my recovery will be a bit better than last weeks. Going to go an take a walk in the evening and see if that helps!

Enjoy the spring guys!


Right here, right now

by Fatboy Slim was playing as I hit the gym today. I was feeling extra good about today’s  training, it was like meeting and old friend for a long time (1,5 weeks to be exact)

Anyways I decided to take the time today and train my biceps and triceps and also do some squatting aka. leg workout.


Warm-up: 5 min elliptical trainer

Bicep-curls 3 sets, 12-10-8 reps with 15-17,5-20 kg.

Focused bicep-curls, 3 sets, 8-10-15 reps with 12,5-10-8 kg

Cable curls, 4 sets, 15-12-10-8 reps with 45-52-59-73 kg

Cable triceps pushdown, 4 sets, 15-12-10-8 reps with 39-45-52-59 kg

Hack Squat, 3 sets 10-8-6 reps, 20-40-40 kg

Squat (old school ones!) 3 sets, 10-8-6 reps, 20-40-60 kg

Sitting calve raise 1 set, 29th rep failure 40 kg (Muscle started cramping)

Stretching 20 min.

All these exercises can be seen at bodybuilding.com


Post-workout meal: 300 g minced meat, cottage cheese, cucumber and tomatoes.

The feeling was awesome. I was a bit worried that I had lost some of my power, but everything felt good, part from the muscle cramps afterwards, but anyways. I was trying to take it easy, but was pleased that everything went so smoothly!

I’m going to try a new method of stretching today. Read a little about micro stretching right after workout and doing a better stretching session later in the evening. We’ll see if this works, because for me the leg days have always been the hardest ones to recover from

Now after 1 hour of walking with the dog I’m off to do my stretches and I’m going to hit the sauna afterwards!

Take care guys!

Back on the wheel: march 6th and 7th training

Hey guys! It’s been a while here, sorry for that! Grandma Autio had her 85th birthday and it was great, she was so excited to see all the relatives and family.

Anyways felt kind of fatigued at the beginning of the week, so I decided to rest a bit. Also it’s been a bit stressful at work, so a little R&R really did me good. Anyways, here are my two workouts I did today and yesterday:

Wed 6th training, legs

Warmup: 5min elliptical trainer

Leg press: 2 warm-up sets with 15 reps at 150 kg. 3 sets 10-12 reps 175-200-225 kg

Hamstring curl: 1 warm-up set 15 reps 25 kg. 3 sets 10-12 reps 35-45-50 kg (fail at 12th)

Leg extensions: 1 warm-up set 15 reps 30kg, 3 sets 10-12 reps 45-55-65 kg (fail at 12th)

Got this pain in my calve after last set, so I decided it was better not to train anymore. Nevertheless, my quads and hamstrings were on fire!

Wed march 7th exercise: Biceps and triceps (The Spartacus way!)

I started watching the show ‘Spartacus’ on TV and noticed, that those guys are ripped! Surfing in BodyBuilding.com found this cool routine that looked like loads of fun and it actually is made by the Spartacus trainer, Tyrone Bell. Tried this out today and I’m going to feel the burn all day long!

Supersets no rest between workouts, after 2 sets 45 sec rest:

1)EZ-bar curls: 3 sets of 10,8 and 6 reps, with 5, 7,5, 10 kg

Cable Triceps extensions with a rope: 10, 12, 14 reps with 59, 55, 49, 42 kg

2) Skull crushers: 3 sets of reps 10, 8, 6 with 5, 10, 15 kg

Cable curls: 3 sets of reps 10, 12, 14 with 59, 55, 49, 42 kg

3) Reverse-grip push-downs: 3 sets of 10 reps, with 49, 55, 59 kg

Seated cable curls: 3 sets of 10 reps with 14 kg each (Surprisingly hard)

Normal set

Dumbbell Bicep Pump Curl: to failure: 29 x 10 kg.

Amazing burn afterwards, but nevertheless, had to hit the elliptical for 28min interval program. After that, had to change my shirt and hit the shower.

Take it easy guys!



The workout routine took about 20-25 min + Cardio

Feeling better.

Today I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday, I think that the flu is finally beaten and I can hit the gym next week! 

Today we went shopping for some clothes with Linda. It was nice to see, that I could buy jeans that were 4″ slimmer on the waist than the old ones that I had. Also found some other pants that are bye-bye officially. Feels great to finally see and feel the effects of 2 months training, needless to say I’m pleased.

But there’s still a long way to go. I read somewhere that a fitness model or a role-type is a good thing to have, so I picked mine. Stephen Amell from the TV-show ‘Arrow’. I like to think that his physique is quite awesome and trying to accomplish that is something wort trying to do.

I’ve been thinking of trying out a new workout routine, trying to find out during next week what would suit me the best and will keep you guys posted. Next week it’s all about cardio for me. Rowing, biking, running and my personal favorite: elliptical trainer are going to be more than familiar next week. 4 x 40-80 min is the target, we’ll see if I can hit it.

Have a great weekend guys, I sure will! Grandma will turn 85 tomorrow, that’s amazing!

Take care guys!


Feb 22 Training: Leg workout with Cardio blast!

Today I hit the gym little later than usual because I have the day off! It had snowed last night so I went to push the snow from my mothers yard and it gave me a good warm-up. I was really excited hitting the gym today, felt pumped!

The Workout:

Seated leg curls 3 sets 15 reps 40 kg (88 lbs)

Leg Extensions 3 sets 15 reps 30 kg (66 lbs)

Leg Press 3 sets 15 reps 150 kg (330 lbs)

Seated calf raise 3 sets 15 reps 40 kg (88 lbs)

Lying calf raise 3 sets 15 reps 100 kg (220 lbs)

Cardio: Elliptical trainer (surprise, surprise) 28 min with a hard interval training, HR maxed at 190.

Stretching 15 min.

Felt really weary after this training, legs were shaking and needed to sit down and catch my breath. I had four intervals during cardio, about 3,5 min each and I really worked the last one as hard as I could. Between the intervals there were these lighter sets with about 3,5 min each.

Tomorrow it’s floorball Saturday folks! And that means 60 min of intense cardio and laughter. 

FYI, I hit a milestone this week. From the beginning of the year, I’ve lost 22 lbs. I’m pleased and right on schedule.




To HIIT or not to?

High Intensity Interval Training aka. HIIT has been on my mind today. I’ve read about this and all sorts of tips have been displayed all over the web. What is HIIT actually?

This is how I understood it. You save time, you intensify your training and you am up your fat loss. Sounds good? Sounds even too good? Maybe, but anyways I gotta try this one out! In HIIT training you’re doing cardio, whether you’re on the treadmill, elliptical, running cycling you name it, you’re doing these hi-tempo intervals with resting periods in between. You’re going to give all that you have in you, heart rate being at 95% of max. The ratio between the high intensity and the lower intensity level is 1:2, so e.g. if you’re training 1 min with full tempo, you’ll have a 2 min lower intensity right after you’ve finished. And you repeat this cycle 6-8 times per training and it is equivalent to an hour lower intensity training. You’ll be done in 30 min with 5 min warm up. Awesome.

What is the benefit? What I’ve read is that you burn more calories afterwards from the training, comparing HIIT to a normal interval training with heart rate being lower. But anyways, even though if it shouldn’t work – I think I’d still enjoy doing HIIT because it’s a good way to amp up your cardio workout and really push yourself to the limit. I’m sure after repeating the last cycle, you’re done and you might want to call a cab. Or an ambulance.

I know there has been a lot of chatter whether HIIT training is good or bad for you but I can think worse things that could go awry. One just has to remember to take it easy (pushing the limit, yes but over it…cautionary) and always remember to contact your medical doctor if you have a condition that prevents you from exercising or you’re unsure whether you should.

Anyways if you’re interested in HIIT training, check out this BodyBuilding.com article, I found it to be awesome. Also Google is your friend as well.

Remember to warm up before doing HIIT and stretch afterwards. Will do this routine soon, but tomorrow will post my leg-workout routine – stay tuned! (Always wanted to say that)