Here’s a little bit of my nutrition-philosophy in short.

Energy: when you’re working out, either it’s going to the gym, running, swimming etc. you’re body needs ENERGY!  So remember to eat properly and enough. Ask your medical physician or personal trainer for tips for proper meals. Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose fat, your body needs energy.

Eat frequently: when you keep a good intervals between your meals your energy levels don’t drop too low and your body is ready to work when needed. You’ll also feel more energetic and your mood is much more stable. A good breakfast is the key for a good nutrition, after breakfast try to eat every 3 hours something: fruits between meals and a power bar is also good to have with you to give you complex carbs and protein. If you think you’re eating enough vegetables – eat more!

A cheat day: is a good thing to have every know and then, whether it’s once a week or twice a month – it’s up to you. Then don’t count the calories and eat freely. But this doesn’t mean pizza for breakfast, McDonalds for snacks, Chips for lunch etc. This way your metabolism stays active.

Supplements: are a good way to add to your diet, especially when it comes to your protein needs. Muscle tissue for e.g. needs 2 grams of protein per lean body kilogram in order to heal and grow.

Take it easy guys and eat healthy!


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