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4 weeks of hard training

4 weeks of hard training is coming to an end tomorrow! These past weeks have been quite hard and in the beginning I had pretty hard time with DOMS, but after purchasing the foam roller and really focusing on my stretching and muscle maintenance, it hasn’t been that big of a deal.

These four weeks have been consisted of 4-5 workouts per week, including two intense CrossTraining workouts and 2 Tabata workouts plus one longer workout with a recovery in mind. And the results?

Yesterday I hit the gym and I had a pull-workout planned: deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, box jumps, flutter kicks, pull-ups and abmat-abs. The day before I was thinking about the weights what my max would be, and yesterday I nailed them! 5×2 (5 rounds, 2 reps) deadlift at 120 kg (264 lbs) – nailed it! I figured that my one rep max could be somewhere between 140-150, but being able to do five rounds with that particular weight – I was very pleased. Also at the same time I did my record time with that workout plus managed to increase my max pull-ups (with a band) so far – the first pull-up without a rubber band is coming up nicely, you’ll see!


Hands shaking, skin torn, sweat on the floor = workout complete!

Overall these 4 weeks have taught me quite a few things: hard work truly pays off and that I really, really love CrossTraining. It pushes me to my full potential and there’s no question I wouldn’t hit my goals.

Also during these past two weeks a certain question has been popping up: why do I train and who do I train for? I train for myself and I train because I want to be fit – not just now, but 50 years from now.

Next week I’ll be taking it easy at the gym, recovery and muscle maintaining is very much needed and I’ll be focusing on my weight lifting techniques.

Take care guys!



Scheduling and hard work.

This June has been quite month for me. I’ve managed to get 4 workouts per week and now it feels like it’s time to add fifth workout to the schedule – but to do this wisely. My weeks have consisted of 2-3 CrossTraining workouts and rest days plus one additional longer cardio exercise. Now this week I’ll add something to the list.


Post-workout meal.

I’ve decided to do our CrossTraining teams scheduled push- and pull workout routines once a week, 2 x Tabata and adding one recovery exercise, most likely biking for 45-90 min to the week. I’ll do this routine for 3 weeks now and then I’ll take a week off. Well not ‘off’ but will take it easy, train my weight lifting techniques, stretch, take care of my muscles etc. I think that this 4 weeks hard work + 1 week recovering is a good tempo, we’ll see eventually.

This week I’ve been really pushing it, thriving to be better with every rep. It’s funny, because at the beginning of the year I found myself quite easily cheating on my reps, but not anymore. I keep hearing our head coaches voice in my head: “tight package! bum backwards! open you’re chest!”. This is great, because when you cheat, you risk injuring yourself.

Today I have the day off from work and like usually when I’d have the time to sleep in, I woke up at 5:20 am. Hit the gym at 7:00 am and did my TABATA routine there, was absolutely pumped afterwards. Now, I’m going to chill the rest of the day and tomorrow will bike for a nice stretch.

Take care guys!


Keep on rollin’

It has been quite successful week what comes to training. Meal planning (which is pretty free, because it’s summer), workouts and recovery have all been going well. It comes to mind that even too well? Could it be that I’m starting to get into the rhythm again? Maybe not, but let’s enjoy the idea while it lasts 🙂 

Last week I got some not-so-good news from the doctor, my broken toe has been bothering me and it seems that there is some breakage in the joint, which will probably need an operation at some point, but not now. Well this will not slow me down, I’m going to do the exercises I can and keep myself from running. This will be quite easy because I love my new bike 🙂


This week starts off with a rest day, yesterday it was all about blasting workouts with static components in between, really nice workout, although my toe was against it. I have made the decision to ride my bike to the gym and back, whether it rains or not, this will give me a good warm-up and starts the recovery process nicely so I can do my foam rolling and stretching at home later on.

The plan for the week is to do 4-5 exercises which include push and pull strength, 2 x TABATA and one longer bike ride with recovery in mind. More about these later on the week.

This weekend we have a great holiday here in Finland, called the midsummer or in Finnish: Juhannus. This traditionally means good food, company and partying (the Finnish way), it’s awesome!

Please do comment what do you like about the blog, all comments are most welcome!


Recoveries, new purchases and happy thoughts.

I found it quite hard this week to get back on the wheel. Well, the getting back part was quite easy, but recovering form it – a whole another story. I don’t know what went wrong or right, but never the less, DOMS like never before.

I got a tip from our CrossTraining coach that I could try a foam roll to ease the DOMS, so after Thursdays training I decided to purchase one and it turned out to be excellent (although, felt like agony the first time trying to do it). I didn’t quite know how to do it, so youtube was my friend on this one, but I caught up pretty quickly.

But the main reason for my sore muscles was the hard training on Tuesday followed up by the training on Thursday which consisted of pull-ups, deadlifts, flutter kicks, box jumps… oh man, it was amazing feeling after that last rep when you’re feeling like you’re just about to pass out, but you don’t and you realize you’re done for today! Nothing quite like it!

I’ve also been dreaming about a new bike that I could take out and exercise with and also do a little backpacking with so I went out and got me a hybrid: Felt QX 75. It’s a beaut and I’ll start biking more, hopefully also at work and there is a one trekking trip also being planned so stay tuned for that!

Tomorrow I have a work day and also we have CrossTraining practice, can’t wait and the best part is that I can almost move my arms now normally! We’ll see again tomorrow, but I’m thinking my body is getting used to being pushed to the max again.

Take care guys!


Out from the shadows into the world of CrossTraining

Hello guys! I must apologize for a long pause between my posts, but now I’m back on track and will keep you updated what’s going on. There has been some things that have needed more my attention, so unfortunately the blog has suffered a bit.

WP_000106 (1)

 Sneak peak to my bag: shoes, towel, water bottle, protein bar and a knee support

Anyways today was the day that I’ve been waiting for a while now. It was time to take my first steps toward CrossTraining and I had a technique training day at our local F.I.R.E. fitness gym. The instructors were both welcoming and assured that there was nothing to be afraid of, explaining that CrossTraining suites all, the exercises can be scaled up or down to suite each trainer. I was there with a friend and we were eager to learn more.

The first warm-up was pretty nice, it was like back in high-school gym class, but the atmosphere in our group of 14 trainees was supportive and we all were there to improve ourselves and to support each other. Awesome. I generally think, that this is one of the key factors why CrossTraining is so popular around the world.

Then it was squatting time. You know the feeling when you’re like “I know my stuff, I’ve been doing this x years”. And then you realize that all the years you’ve trained squatting you’ve been doing it wrong. Priceless. It was amazing to see that when you work with your hamstrings and glutes it actually makes squatting a whole lot easier on the knees and more effective all along. Can’t wait to actually train on some weights tomorrow!

Then the thing I feared the most: Burpees. Instantly we got this hate/love relationship. But I can’t deny that they truly are effective and make you sweat. The plus side is also that the move itself is so effective that you actually activate your metabolism and fat-burn. I have to try this tonight as well.

The whole class was amazing and we went through several techniques so that when we start doing our WODs we won’t get hurt. In the end we had this circle where we had to two different types of moves in pairs, 5 reps at a time for 1,5min. There were 8 different moves and I tried my limits and after doing that last box jump the feeling was amazing! It felt like I survived this, barely, but nevertheless.

I truly feel that CrossTraining is what I want to do from now on, but also running and biking will be a major part of summer/fall routine.

Will keep you updated on day two of our technique class tomorrow!

Take it easy guys and push the envelope! (btw, -15 kg this year!)


March 25th workout: Chest, Shoulders and Back

Hey guys! It’s been a while and the weekend has passed. Great news: I’m not sick so I’m making assumption that there was some air-conditioning problems at the old workplace which caused my fever-like symptoms, so as of today I’m back with 100% !

Last Wednesday I had my leg day and something went terribly wrong with the recovery, nevertheless I played floorball on Saturday and today my legs feel finally quite fine.

Today I intended to hit the gym and train my chest, shoulders and back. I’m thinking of switching my routine in to a two divided routine which will be done 4 times a week so the whole body gets trained 2 times a week.

Today’s workout:

Warm-up: Rowing machine 5 min


Incline bench press with dumbbells 3 sets with 15, 12, 10 reps

Flyes: 3 sets with 12, 8, 10 reps

Pec Dec- machine: 3 sets with 15, 12, 10 reps


Standing lateral raise: 3 sets with 15, 12, 10 reps

Seated dumbbell overhead press: 3 sets with 10, 8, 6 reps




Lying t-bar row, 3 sets with 15, 10, 8 reps

Dumbbell row, 3 sets with 10, 15, 20 reps (weights go down as reps go up)

Back extensions, 3 sets with 10, 10, 10 reps.


I hit this workout in just about over an hour, so the tempo was pretty intense and it felt like it afterwards. But as I’m writing this (finished training 30 min ago) my chest and shoulders are pumping as we speak, so guess I did something right!

Tomorrow it’s going to be training day for biceps, triceps, legs and abs so stay tuned!

Take care guys, you all are an inspiration!


Right here, right now

by Fatboy Slim was playing as I hit the gym today. I was feeling extra good about today’s  training, it was like meeting and old friend for a long time (1,5 weeks to be exact)

Anyways I decided to take the time today and train my biceps and triceps and also do some squatting aka. leg workout.


Warm-up: 5 min elliptical trainer

Bicep-curls 3 sets, 12-10-8 reps with 15-17,5-20 kg.

Focused bicep-curls, 3 sets, 8-10-15 reps with 12,5-10-8 kg

Cable curls, 4 sets, 15-12-10-8 reps with 45-52-59-73 kg

Cable triceps pushdown, 4 sets, 15-12-10-8 reps with 39-45-52-59 kg

Hack Squat, 3 sets 10-8-6 reps, 20-40-40 kg

Squat (old school ones!) 3 sets, 10-8-6 reps, 20-40-60 kg

Sitting calve raise 1 set, 29th rep failure 40 kg (Muscle started cramping)

Stretching 20 min.

All these exercises can be seen at


Post-workout meal: 300 g minced meat, cottage cheese, cucumber and tomatoes.

The feeling was awesome. I was a bit worried that I had lost some of my power, but everything felt good, part from the muscle cramps afterwards, but anyways. I was trying to take it easy, but was pleased that everything went so smoothly!

I’m going to try a new method of stretching today. Read a little about micro stretching right after workout and doing a better stretching session later in the evening. We’ll see if this works, because for me the leg days have always been the hardest ones to recover from

Now after 1 hour of walking with the dog I’m off to do my stretches and I’m going to hit the sauna afterwards!

Take care guys!