The day it all started to change.

I started shaping my life in January. I’m studying to be a paramedic atm and soon graduating. 10 years ago I was in the shape of my life and then a snap in the knee changed all that. It ended my sports career. My body didn’t react to the change at first, I ate as much as before, although I didn’t use those calories and a few years later, I had gained 30kg. I weighted 134 kg this January. Also I got this idea that I couldn’t do sports because of my knee. Now I realize that that was only an excuse inside my head. Yes – I still do have pain occasionally in my knee, but it doesn’t prevent me from training.

The main thing to do was to mentally prepare myself for the change and schedule a routine for myself. Before I went to bed, I  pictured what I would do tomorrow and at what time. For me it meant waking up 5 am and hitting the gym, then off to work and in the evening doing cardio with my dog. And also combining all that to eating healthy. After months work, I had lost 8 kg which I thought was amazing, and was very pleased with myself but knowing, that this could change in a heartbeat. And it did.

Two weeks later, I had gained 2 kg and soon realized that the problem was that I wasn’t eating enough food. I had days when my calorie consumption was between 1000-1500 and I trained hard so I had maximum calorie difference of -3800 cal in just one day. That changed for the better and I started eating about 2300 cal (in Finland we use kcal measurements which is the same) and still training right. Also I added a cheat day when I could eat freely.

Now, 6 weeks after my life change I’ve lost that -8 kg and feeling better than in years. I have learned the ways to keep me fit and will try my best to be on this road the rest of my life. This isn’t just a project that will end, this is something I want to do until the reaper calls.

The three pointers that I’ve had are 1) Train hard – get results 2) Nutrition 3) Get motivated every day.

This blog is for me and all you guys who feel the need to change your lives. I’m reporting as I go and all comments, tips, questions etc. are most welcome. I’m happy to answer to all your questions the best that I can.

-Joni Autio-


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