Metabolic damage

I couldn’t agree more, check out this video from Bio Layne and learn about metabolic damage, how to avoid it and how to repair it!


Weapons to fight fatigue and aid your health

Here’s a picture of what I have in my cupboard to help me with my project:Image

Fruits are a good way to fight off hunger and they give a great taste for your quark! Supplementing with protein powder and protein bars by Mass Nutrition. They’re a good quality products with (in my opinion) a reasonable price. A good way to recover after training or to take a pre-workout snack. Adding to the supplementation I have my omega 3- pills and also a multivitamin pill. Especially in the winter time the vitamins are important because the land of the thousand lakes (Finland) doesn’t get that much sun so it’s a good way to add vitamins to your diet. Of course vegetables and other ingredients are important as well.

Otherwise, I’m actually without fever today! So hopefully after resting this weekend I’ll be able to get back on the horse next week and really bring it! Been thinking of having a cardio-week so no weight-training, we’ll see.

Take care guys and feel free to comment!


Feb 26 Workout: Biceps and Shoulders.

Yesterday I worked on my biceps and shoulders, pretty much the same routine as before, but with different sets and weights. Bicep sets were 12-10-8-6 and Shoulder sets were 12-10-8, this was because I really wanted to hit biceps as a primary muscle this week. Don’t want them to feel neglected. 


Warm-up: Elliptical trainer 5min

Alternate bicep curl 12 x 12,5 kg, 10 x 15 kg, 8 x 17,5 kg, 6 x 20 kg.

Hammer curl: 12 x 12,5 kg, 10 x 15 kg, 8 x 17,5 kg, 6 x 20 kg

Standing cable curl: 12 x 39 kg, 10 x 45 kg, 8 x 52 kg, 6 x 59 kg

Really felt good about this training, no failures at this time, so for the next time I can amp up the weights by 2,5 kg.

Standing reverse fly: 12 x 39 kg, 10 x 45 kg, 8 x 52 kg 

Standing lateral raise: 12 x 8 kg, 10 x 10 kg, 8 x 12,5 kg

Seated dumbbell overhead press: 12 x 12,5 kg, 10 x 15 kg, 8 x 17,5 kg 

Got a good nice burn after this! This week I decided to alternate my training a bit from last weeks bicep-shoulder day and it worked well.

After the training I was feeling a bit weary so I decided to skip the cardio, because I knew I couldn’t hit the max yesterday. And the reason was obvious today when as I struggle with a fever. Not cool at all, but have to just take it easy rest of the week and give body time to recover.

So it’s rest for me and for the rest of you guys: train hard and feel the burn! I can’t thank you guys enough for all the likes, follows and comments that I’ve received, really keeps me motivated!

Take care


Feb 25 workout: chest, triceps and some abs + cardio!

Today I woke up around 4:30 am. I was feeling quite refreshed after “long” hours of sleep,but nevertheless, I was feeling good about working out before work. I was at the gym 5:30 am with one other guy working out. It’s usually like this on Mondays.

Yesterday I wrote, that I’d be doing a pyramid series, where I usually build up my series by doing 14 reps with one weight and if I hit 14, I’ll increase the weight for the second set and keep on doing this until I hit failure and start doing 7 reps, again doing this until failure. After last failure @ rep 7, I will do the sets backwards, e.g. 14 x 10 kg, 14 x 12,5 kg, 9 x 15 kg, 7 x 15 kg, 7 x 17,5 kg, 4 x 20 kg, 7 x 15 kg and the last set 14 – 20 reps with 10 or 12,5 kg. This gives  me an idea of how my training has been going and where I’m at with each muscle. The important thing is to remember that the important thing is to do your reps cleanly and with proper weights so you won’t hurt yourself.

Today sadly I felt I didn’t have the time to do the pyramids, so I decided to do 12-10-8-6 series with increasing weights. So weights go up as the reps come down, trying to hit failure at last set.


Warm-up: Rowing machine, 5 mins.


Alternating bench press with dumbbells: 12 x 12,5 kg, 10 x 15 kg, 8 x 17,5 kg, 6 x 20 kg, 10 x 10 kg.

Dumbbell fly: 12 x 10 kg, 10 x 12,5 kg, 8 x 15 kg, 6 x 17,5 kg

Pec Dec: 12 x 68 kg, 10 x 72 kg, 8 x 77 kg, 6 x 82 kg.


Tricep kickback: 12 x 8 kg, 10 x 8 kg, 8 x 10 kg , 6 x 10 kg (new exercise for me, really nice!)

Tricep pulldown: 12 x 39 kg, 10 x 44 kg, 8 x 49 kg, 6 x 56 kg

Dips machine: 12 x 90 kg, 10 x 100 kg, 8 x 110 kg, 5th failure 130 kg.

Abs: Ab crunches 10 kg resistance 50 reps

Cardio: Elliptical trainer 20 min interval training, HR 150-175.


Really starting to feel my triceps working and also my chest burning! Tomorrow it’s time to hit the biceps and shoulders again with the same routine as last week, but with 12-10-8-6 rep series. 

PS. Thank you all who are following my blog, really means a lot!


Body says I need a break!

This morning my feet were killing me! My calves, glutes, hamstrings, quads… and all the other muscles I forgot to mention were sore – but in a good kinda way! And yes, I did my muscle maintenance yesterday after an hour of Floorball. Stretched in the sauna etc.

Here’s a few tips that I’ve picked along the way for muscle recovery after workout:

1) Fuel up – your body needs energy to repair the muscle damage caused by your workout and also to grow new muscle cells. Recovery drink doesn’t hurt either, I like to call it “first-aid” because it gives you loads of protein and fast working carbs.

2) Stretching – I can’t emphasis this enough. Everyone knows that guy who trains like hell, but can’t get his arms straight. That’s because he has never done this. By stretching you give a chance for the muscle membrane to expand and there for muscle gets room to grow. Some studies indicate that best time to stretch is 1-2 hours after practice, but I like to do it right away and again in the evening after my walk.

3) Warm-up – this gives your body chance to get ready for workout. It also decreases the inflammation in your joints and muscles after training.

4) Water – your this is a part of fueling-up, but anyways water is a good thing to remember because when exercising your body creates all sorts of metabolic waste and drinking water gives your body a good and fast way to get rid of those.

5) Rest – your body needs time rest because this is the best time for the muscle to grow and your body needs time to heal from your workout. This isn’t just for bodybuilding, it concerns all sports. Training too hard may bring your health down, and that’s not what we want. I tend to take 1-2 days of rest per week.

Today I’m going to take it easy and relax, because it’s going to be a busy day next week at work and also at the gym because it’s time to do the pyramid! More about pyramids tomorrow.

And what would a Sunday be without good food:

Salmon, dill, lemon, salt and pepper.
Salmon, dill, lemon, salt and pepper.

Take it easy guys!


First glimpse of CrossFit and a great Saturday.

Today I went to a gym in my hometown that practice one form of CrossFit, they called it Cross Training but after talking with the main coach, she said that their form has 90% crossfit and 10% influenced by other methods of training. Still, it’s the best deal in town if you want to train crossfit.

Today they had beginners technique day and I was invited to watch by the head coach. I walked to gym and thought to myself that they had a great place to workout! All the essentials were there and a long line of kettleballs. Good first impression. They were just about to start training the sledgehammer hits there and the trainers showed step by step how to hit the tire and NOT yourself.  Everyone did their best and luckily I had an old work buddy of mine there and she said that it was really working her whole body and she was really excited about the whole training routine. The participants were all different ages, sizes and with different backgrounds but they all cheered for each other. I believe this is one of the main parts of CrossFit communities that they support each other to do the very best they can. And that is admirable.

Will I be starting CrossFit? Maybe one day, nevertheless I’m going to enroll myself to their next technique course to learn better techniques and who knows – maybe I’ll start CrossFitting.

Today I have the day off from gym because it’s Floorball saturday! Took a walk with Linus (our dog) in the morning and found out that my calves were burning up! Guess the workout from yesterday did the trick. Now I’m going to visit my mom and grandma, she has her 85th birthday next Sunday, awesome!

Take care guys and have a great weekend!


Found out this great post about developing a crossfit athlete!

The most important thing to determine when planning and designing fitness and performance programs is assessing where we currently are and where do we want to be in X amount of time, Dan John simply refers to this as getting from “point A to point B”.

The reason this becomes so important is the fact that if we do not know where we are heading then any road will lead you there.

Crossfit has done an amazing job at challenging everyones views on fitness, building an inclusive and competitive environment, and allowing for personal growth within a community of like minded and supportive individuals.

Some people argue about Crossfits philosophies, short-comings, and mis-use. As a coach I think of it as a way to look at things in a different light, learn something new, and a possible tool to be used at the right time. Just as there are “better…

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